Laser Cutting 3D Models with Stacked Cardboard Using Slicer for Fusion360

I have been searching for neat things to do with the laser, and I saw that people were laser cutting 3D models from cardboard sheets and stacking them to create 3D objects. I thought this was awesome, and wanted to give it a try. The first file I did was the example provided by Epilog of a T-Rex head. This was only 3 2’x3′ sheets of cardboard.

Laser Cut 3D Model

Now that I knew they looked great, I began searching for another model to make in cardboard. I decided on this Einstein bust, and made it about 17″ tall. Cutting it out took about 16 2’x3′ sheets of cardboard, and took several hours, but it was well worth it.

Laser Cut 3D Model

You can download the files I used to cut this here. You can read a tutorial on laser cutting 3D models like this yourself here.

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